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التسجيل فى برنامج الدعايا

Cooperating with us, you obtain unlimited improvement opportunities, reliability and stability. We offer the highest partnership reward up to 20$ per lot and up to 2000$ from deposit of each involved client. Becoming a partner you get 24-hour access to the partners statistics and completed educational and advertising materials.

To become a partner it is enough to choose one of 2 cooperation types and register. Traders also can become partners, that will be an additional source of income, with information distribution about company's services among acquaintances and friends. For this purpose you just have to register at the website. You can find the answers to all questions concerning the Affiliate programs at partners.instaforex.org.

اختار نوع الشراكة


The project has been created to enable traders to make profit by recommending InstaForex to their friends and acquaintances.

تكلفة الإكتساب

The CPA project is a new type of cooperation. This program is geared towards those who appreciate simplicity.

تقدم شركة إنستافوركس أكثر القوائم توسعاً لبرامج الشراكة, طبقاً لشكل التعاون. يمكن إيجاد معلومات مفصلة عن كل برنامج شراكة فى منقطة الشركاء.